Fun and steep black diamond. Great for carving.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Cascade is marked/mapped.

There are two possible ways to get to this trail.

First, after getting off the Triple Chair on Main Street turn skier's left and go down the black diamond Route 66.

As you are skiing keep left and wait for the Cascade sign.

The other way you can get to this trail is by taking the Double Chair over Main Street.

When you get off the chair turn skier's left and you'll find Iaco's Way.

This is a blue square tree run.

Iaco's Way will eventually drop you off on Route 66 where you will follow the same route which will lead you to Cascade.

I gave this run a difficult rating as it is a steep black diamond.

The true difficulty of this trail really depends on the snow conditions.

If it is groomed it will feel as if it is a mild black diamond or a challenging blue square.

However, when powder or moguls are present this trail really presents itself as a solid black diamond.

The end of Cascade will lead you to Friar Truck which will eventually guide you to the Triple Chairlift or the Double Chairlift.