Narrow, curvy, and steep trail. Moguls likely.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Ragged Edge is marked/mapped.

There are two possible ways to find this trail.

First, you can ride up the Triple Chair and then on your skier's left you can take Route 66.

All you have to do is traverse as long as possible until you reach the end.

At the end of Route 66 Ragged Edge will be directly on your skier's left.

The second way to find this trail is to ride up the Double Chair.

Once the chair has been riden up to the top you will proceed to take a turn on your skier's left where you will find a tree run known as Iaco's Way.

This run is a blue square and it'll eventually drop you into Route 66.

Once again, when you are on Route 66 you will proceed with the same actions which will lead to Ragged Edge.

This trail's difficulty has received the level of difficult.

This isn't primarily due to it's steepness but mostly due to it's narrowness.

This trail is often packed densely with moguls which is also another reason why it deserves this difficulty.

If you want to get back to the Triple and Double Chair all you have to do is simply ride down Ragged Edge which will lead into Friar Truck which will eventually lead you to the main chairlifts.