Steep and very narrow. Rock, branches, and bushes are usually present. Take caution for trees too.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Quantum Leap is an unmarked/unmapped trail.

This trail used to be previously mapped and marked until it was permanently closed due to safety concerns.

In order to get to this trail you have to take a turn skier's right into Spacewalk once you've deployed yourself from the Comet Express Quad Chair Lift.

Peer left when riding Spacewalk and look for a steep and narrow trail in between Upper Rocket and Comet.

Take a turn skier's left into this narrow drop and your now in Quantum Leap! I gave this trail's difficulty the rating of severe due to its pure steepness and narrowness.

You'll also find multiple rocks, branches, trees, and bushes throughout this rough trail.

Be aware of ski patrol as you will get your pass removed if spotted.

If you want to get back to the Comet Express Quad Chair Lift you can take a turn skier's right and then take Outer Orbit all the way down.

You can also take a turn skier's left into Lower Rocket which will eventually lead you to the bottom.