Tends to be icy and rocky. Notorious for its narrowness. Be aware of chairlift poles and the ravine on your skier's right.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Galaxy Liftline is an unmarked/unmapped trail.

This trail tends to be very icy and full of rocks.

In order to get to this trail you have to take a turn skier's left into Upper Galaxy after deploying from the Galaxy Express Quad Chair Lift.

Stay under the chairlift for the whole run to make sure you don't miss the trail.

Once you've reached the transition between Upper Galaxy and Lower Galaxy you should drop in under the chairlift and take that route for the rest of the ride down.

If it is early season and the large river/ravine is exposed or if the trail is crossed off because it technically isn't marked by the mountain then you can ride the left side of Lower Galaxy and look for the side-entrance point into Galaxy Liftline.

This trail is notorious for its iciness, narrowness, and its sheer amount of hidden rocks.

Be aware of another large ravine on your skier's left because it wouldn't be too fun to fall into.

The great thing about this trail is that once you are done you are also right at the start and loading area of the Galaxy Express Quad Chair Lift.