A fun, long and large descent


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



The name of this route is a perfect description in itself for this run- it is a fun, long "super slope," of a descent.

You park for this ski tour in the same spot you park to go to Tryst Chutes, it is approximately 3km past the turn off to Mount Engadine Lodge.

The skin track up is entirely through the trees which mitigates the avalanche hazard.

You will take the same route as going to Tryst chutes and will skin along a ridge past all of the chutes towards the impressive rock buttress called, The Fist.

You will drop down to your left into the trees and quickly see an open slide path; this is the run called Superslope.

There is an option to ski the sides of the slide path more in the trees if you are uncomfortable with the slide path itself.

The trees are not badly spaced for Kananaskis although its generally not known for great tree skiing.

You will only want to ski this with low avalanche hazard - it's not a particularly steep slope but a fun sustained angle all the way down to the valley will have you giving your buddies a high five on a powder day! This is a serious slope as it is primarily an avalanche slide path so keep this in mind when making decisions regarding stability and hazard. There are many options for link ups in this area - you could continue across and complete the Commonwealth loop for a big day, or ski a Tryst chute on the approach.

These lines are best between December and April as this area often melts out quicker than the Burstall Pass zone which is further down the road.