A classic Canmore local ski tour. Home for coffee by 10am!


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Miner's Couloir is a classic Canmore local ski tour.

It is not always in condition but when it is it gets skied a lot.

The route starts at the top of the spray road at the Goat Creek and Ha Ling trailhead parking.

You take the very popular Ha Ling hiking trail to Miners Peak.

Depending on what season you do this in you may be walking at the start or you can skin on hard packed trail from the parking lot.

Once you ascend to the Col between Ha Ling and Miners Peak you will head right towards the summit of Miners Peak.

You can peak out on the summit for a dramatic view of town but be mindful of cornices and exposure.

To get to the start of the Couloir you need to cut across a very large slope - this will take you to the Col between Mount Lawrence Grassi and Ha Ling Peak.

You will want good stability for this crossing.

The long and aesthetic line that takes you to the local dog park in Canmore is steep off the top but mellows out as you descend.

Depending on the season you may have to rappel a short rock step 3/4 of the way down so bring a harness, appropriate anchor building material and a 60 meter rope.

This is a fun and beautiful line especially on an early spring morning.

Finish it off with breakfast or coffee at your favourite local coffee shop and you have an amazing start to your day!