The most popular ski mountain in the Sunnmøre alps


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In the Easter holidays there will be hundreds of skiers visiting thIS summit in one day but in the middle of the winter you can be here all on your own on a blue bird powder day! Park your car at the big parking lot along the main road.

Follow the road to the north, passing the cabins until it ends.

Make a traverse slightly to the right so you can enter Kvanndalen above the waterfalls. Follow Kvanndalen at its lowest point, first passing a flat section, then slightly to the right, then another flat section before you turn west to climb up to "Appelsinhaugen".

This is a little hill where the valley ends and is a spot is well suited to taking a break.

Make sure to bring an orange! From "Appelsinhaugen" head southwest to where the slope gradually gets steeper.

Head for the small col called "Stretet" on the ridge in front of you.

You may have to take off your skis for the last part before the col.

Once through "Stretet", drop some vertical metres down to the glacier.

If you follow the glacier at its higher plateaus, near the ridge, you should avoid crevasses.

Pass the summit on the east side and make the final summit push from the south.

It is normal to leave the skis behind when making the final climb, it is steep here! Enjoy a spectacular view over the Sunnmøre alps! The normal route of the descent follows the ascent route.

There is a more direct alternative down to Kvanndalen, but it is going through the ice fall, it's steeper and exposed to crevasses.