Montespluga - Passo dello Spluga - Lago Azzurro Suretta - Discesa lungo l''invernale per il bivacco del Suretta


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



We park the car in the center of Montespluga. The climb begins following the road up to the Spluga pass.

Once you reach the pass you start to climb the steep slopes on the right facing north towards the lakes.

The ascent from there to the second lake is carried out in Switzerland.

When the ascent on skis is too hard, crampons are put on to finish the ascent and perform the very exposed traverse that takes us to the first lake.

From there we take the steep slope that climbs to the right that will take us to the Suretta Blu Lake with the peak of Pizzo Casa in the distance to the right.

The climb continues once you reach the lake on the steep slopes to the left in the direction of the north face of Suretta and in view of the Italian border that rises on the suretta from the western tower of the crest of the Cime Cadenti. We cross the border on the right and there a beautiful panoramic balcony hosts us for the change for the descent. The descent takes place by going left until you cross the steep channel that leads to the Suretta bivouac.

Be careful at this point to move to the right as much as possible to enter the channel as if we were to make a mistake we would take us towards a dangerous rock jump.

Extremely icy snow at high altitude due to a strong wind that accompanies us annoyingly throughout the upper part of the excursion.

Below, little powdery snow and large ground avalanches from the previous day due to the strong temperature rise.

We reach the road and walk back to the parking lot.