Interpretive trail through lush rainforest to a coastal panorama, with the option to scramble down the rocks and swim in deep tide pools.


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Unlike some other hikes in the national park, this one has an obvious trailhead with ample parking.

It’s at a pullout along the road to Vatia, with a fale shelter and lots of interpretive signs at the beginning.

The hike begins on stone steps going down into the forest.

Vegetation is thick on either side, but the trail makes a corridor that’s easy to follow.

It’s a steep descent for most of the way.

Though the trail is well constructed with lots of steps, it can get slick in wet conditions, so use caution.

More interpretive signs along the way explain surrounding ecology and history.

There is even an archaeological site to observe. Eventually, the trail emerges abruptly from the trees to a vista atop a rocky point, with waves surging below.

In the distance, you’ll see the island’s northern peninsula and Pola Island stretching out into the ocean.

This is the end of the official trail, but careful scrambling down through the boulders will get you to the water.

At very low tide, there are tide pools that are surprisingly deep.

You can jump in and swim in calm water protected from the waves.

These pools disappear quickly with the rising tide, however, and then there is no safe swimming.

Plan your timing accordingly if you want to swim. Sources: