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This is a huge and popular mountain in Sunnmøre, and it's probably because of all its descent possibilities.

You can find everything from moderate skiing, to epic descents all the way to the fjord and steep skiing in couloirs. Mid winter, when the road to Kvistadsætra is closed, you have to start from Kvistad.

Then you have a 5 kilometer approach into Kvistadsætra along the road.

Early or late in the season, when the road is open, you can drive your car all the way into Kvistadsætra and start directly on the ascent. Follow a road going above the southernmost field in the valley (the one with a single tree).

When almost at the end of the road you come to a sign pointing out the direction to Skårasalen to the left.

Head up the hill to the N-E.

Keep to the left of a river coming down from the massif and head for the lowest point directly east of Blåhornet.

When you are east of Blåhornet there will be a little valley leading you up to the col at approximately 1200 m.a.s.l.

From this col starts the epic descent down Little Skåradalen and all the way down to the fjord. From the col you will see the wide face that leads south east to the summit.

On the summit the ridge narrows and you will see the alpine formations of this great massif and a fantastic view over Hjørundfjorden and its surrounding peaks. For the descent you have three main options: 1.

Descend the ascent route. 2.

From the col at 1200 m.a.s.l.

descend to the fjord.

See our route description "Skårasalen to the Fjord". 3.

Steep skiing down one of the couloirs in the west face