A long but beautiful ski tour in remote and wild surroundings


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Blåbretinden is a beauty of a peak and is less visited because of its remoteness.

The summit is alpine and demanding, but it is a fantastic ski tour for those with a bit experience.

This is a route description from Trandal.

It is also possible to ascend the summit from the east side, but it involves steeper terrain that is more exposed to avalanches. Follow the road heading N-E into Trandalen until you come to Trandalssætra.

Here you leave the road and head up the hill that goes to the north, and then slightly to the east until you come to Skarrabbvatnet.

This hill is steep at some sections, so be cautious of where you lay your tracks.

Hold left of Skarrabbvatnet and continue to the col between Storvasstinden and Blåbretinden.

From here follow the west face of Blåbretinden which ends in a short couloir that goes up to the ridge.

The top section of this face, and specially the couloir, is avalanche prone terrain, so make sure the conditions are safe. If you want to go all the way to the summit, this is where you leave your skis.

Consider to put on crampons and ice axe for the last scramble.

To get to the summit (1476 m.a.s.l.) you climb the ridge to the right from the top of the couloir. Descend the same way as the ascent. NB! The only way to get to Trandal is by ferry, which doesn't have very frequently departures.

To organize transport, check timetables here: https://www.fjord1.no/Ruteoversikt/Moere-og-Romsdal/Trandal-Standal/(page)/pdf?date=20.04.2021&from=150015208054&to=150015208050