If you manage to get to Ofu Island, don’t skip this hike to its highest point and a mind-blowing overlook.


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Ofu Island is difficult to reach, but visitors to American Samoa should make every effort to get there, for some of the best beaches and hiking in the territory.

This trail is not technically within the National Park of American Samoa, but remains just as accessible as other trails which are.

It ascends the island’s central mountain to its highpoint, then reaches a view straight down to the ocean and out to neighboring islands. The hike begins near the village harbor, with a small sign marking the trail.

It begins as a 4WD road, snaking up the mountainside through jungle vegetation.

It passes a sizeable solar array, after which the foliage closes in tighter on the lesser-used track.

You might catch intermittent views through the canopy, but the real reward awaits at the top.

Expect some of the trail to be overgrown or muddy, and of course, expect it to be hot and humid for the duration of this steep hike. High on the mountain, the trail diverges as the main path continues toward a signal tower at the summit.

Follow the hiking trail instead, using a fixed rope to pull over a ledge just before the overlook.

It’s a clearing atop an outcrop with an absolutely incredible view.

From there, you’ll stare down the face of the mountain at white sands and a blue lagoon, with shading of coral reefs beneath the waves.

You’ll gaze along the island’s craggy spine, at the next island across a narrow strait, and at Ta’u Island looming on the horizon.

A single bench provides a spot to take it all in.

You’ll definitely want to relax here and enjoy the breeze before diving back into the foliage to return. Sources: http://www.panamintcity.com/americansamoa/tumumountaintrail.html https://travelingotb.com/2019/10/tumu-mountain-trail/ https://endlessloopphotography.com/2017/02/17/ofu-american-samoa/