A less crowded mountain in Isfjorden with many interesting ski lines









FATMAP difficulty grade



The normal route to Helvetestind is done by a traverse over Høgseternebba and the ridge between them.

This is a demanding ski tour and the ridge contains narrow sections.

This is an unforgettable trip! Park the car right after the bridge in Grøvdalen.

Head, on the west side of the river, up north through the woods.

When you cross the tree line, turn to the east, go under the high voltage power line and follow the west ridge of Høgseternebba.

This ridge can be worked by the wind and icy at some sections so bringing ski crampons could be wise here.

To go all the way to Helvetestinden you have to traverse the ridge from Høgseternebba - watch out for cornices hanging out to the south.

At one point this ridge is pretty narrow and you have to put your skis on the backpack and boot a section then it's much easier to the summit.

There is an entrance to the south face approximately 500 metres west for the summit.

This is the easiest alternative for the descent and there is also a steeper alternative directly to the south from the summit.

When you are safely down from the south face, follow the valley on the south side of the river, head to the west down to Rabben.

From here you can follow the road back to the car.