A lesser known and rarely skied line, left of Pipeline.


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This line is more of a specialty treat than a trade route when it comes to skiing in the Great Gulf.

It doesn’t fill in as much or last as long as the other routes.

It's also has a few cruxes which make it a more serious undertaking.

If you’re thinking of skiing it, it's good to ski Airplane first and get eyes on from the bottom first, maybe even climb the line.

The run starts out with a low angle snowfield, this is good for warm up turns but makes route finding a challenge.

Make sure you’re certain of where you are before dropping in, as this is a major cliff area.

Next comes the crux, a tight choke right above a cliff.

This can be a straight line or a side slip chute depending on conditions.

Skirt the cliff then enjoy the ballroom of the line.

The chute chokes again then curves skiers left, ending in an open bowl above some boulders.

Make sure you high traverse skiers right towards Airplane Gully here to avoid getting stuck in the boulder field.

This line is prone to sloughing in the spring so be careful skiing it late in the day or in super warm temps.