An Alternative Route to Cirque Forepeak Circuit that attempt to circumnavigates more committing terrain.


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An Alternative Route to Cirque Forepeak Circuit.

I haven't completed the route yet, so take this route with a grain of salt.

It is however based off descriptions given in Marcus Baranow's "Confessions of a Ski Bum THE ICEFIELDS PARKWAY Lake Louise to Bow Summit" Book, pages 97-105.

I climbed the Cirque Forepeak and personally would not feel comfortable traversing the steep, cliffy, heavily corniced ridge to the Cirque Forepeak/Cirque Peak Col.

I would try the route proposed here next time, as it more direct and attempts to avoid the steeper avalanche/heavily cornice terrain on the east faces of Crystal Ridge.

I believe this route would need very good stability.

Although many of the slopes are small (100-150 m shots), broken up and of lower angle (in general), you are surrounded by avalanche terrain, particular as you climb up towards the Col under Cirque Peak... There are good photos of the descent down the North Bowl on Explor8ion website, specifically his tour of Observation Peak looking across at Cirque: I would also likely skin back up Cirque Forepeak Ridge lower down the Observation Drainage and ski-exit out an alternative way.

I have done both exits and I think the one I proposed here would be better/more enjoyable and removes some of the roadside walk at the end.