Descend the biggest and best line from the high point of the Humboldts.









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If you have ever driven on I-80 near Lovelock, NV during the winter you have likely gazed at the snow-covered flanks of Star Peak.

The tallest mountain in the Humboldt Range, Star Peak offers phenomenal skiing on almost every aspect, and access is downright easy as far as Great Basin mountains go.

Make a trip out of it and car camp in the Buena Vista Valley the night before.

Get a campfire going and enjoy the endless views across the sagebrush sea. Depending on the time of year and snowpack, you can drive fairly far up the Star Canyon Road.

If you or your vehicle aren't up for the task, simply park in the small clearing just before the canyon begins, and walk the flat approach.

The northeast ridge offers the most straightforward (and safest) route to the top.

If you have never skied out in the Great Basin before, prepare for some truly spectacular views.

The north face is the money line, and provides a multitude of remarkably long runs.

In typical Great Basin fashion, you will likely be amazed at the scale of this landscape, maps just don't do it justice! Drop straight from the top through a fun cliff band zone, or traverse skier's left down the ridge for a more continuously open ride if you prefer GS turns. If you are looking for a second lap (which you likely will be), check out the aesthetic east couloir or the impressive south face.

With the exception of the south face (which would require a climb up and out), egresses are pretty intuitive.

Simply follow the drainages downstream until you reconnect with the Star Canyon Road.