Experience the unforgettable drama of this quiet National Park.



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Great Basin National Park is one of the least visited parks in the system, and once you see it for yourself, it will leave you wondering why.

Towering cliffs, groves of ancient bristlecone pines, complex ski terrain, what's not to love?! Chances are, if you go when the snow coverage is good, you will have to start at the Upper Lehman Campground where they close the park road during the winter.

It might be tempting to cut through the woods, but I highly recommend just sticking to the trail until you reach the north facing bowl which leads to Wheeler's summit ridge.

Along the way you will pass by groves of aspens, shimmering alpine lakes, and babbling snowmelt streams. Work your way to the summit of Wheeler, a truly majestic peak, before skiing the partially hanging north face.

Wrap to the east into a large open bowl which funnels into a series of couloirs.

This long run will dump you at the base of Wheeler's impressive north face.

Take your time to pick your jaw up off the snow, and then trend northeast down valley until a truly splitter couloir comes into sight above you. You know what to do.

Boot and ski this magnificent line right from the summit of Doso Doyabi.

Fortunately, Jeff Davis is no longer the name of this peak, in 2019 its title was restored to the local Newe (Shoshone) name Doso Doyabi.

After etching turns down this impressive hallway of snow, continue riding your wave of stoke past pines that were seedlings when the Roman Empire was in its infancy, and continue north-northeast until you reconnect with the approach trail (some bushwhacking may be required).