A remote gem deep in Dry River Wilderness.


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The crux of this line is probably getting to the top.

There are a number of possible approaches.

The first is to climb Left Gully and cross the Bigelow Lawn.

This has the most elevation gain but less linear distance to cover.

The second is from Lake Of The Clouds via Monroe Brook or Ammo Trail.

This has less elevation gain but more hiking across the rim of Oakes Gulf to access the gully.

Airplane Bowl is a huge snowfield, funneling into a long gully.

Great turns can be had down the gut, with some steeper variations to skiers right.

Ski down until the gully becomes too constricted by trees to be fun, then gear up to reverse your approach.

If you’re heading back to Tuckerman Ravine, it’s easiest to climb Main Gully.

If you’re heading to Lake Of The Clouds, it's possible bushwhack towards Main Gully and take a more direct ascent route.

Be aware that this line is very difficult to get out of if you’re injured or caught in an avalanche because you need to hike out.

Be conservative in your decision making.

When you hike all the way out to a remote zone like this, it can be difficult to say no, but consider how the remoteness of this area raises the consequences of an accident before you drop in.