A series of skinny gullies on the right side of Gulf Of Slides.


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This is a fun zone with a lot of ski potential.

The Fingers are a series of about 7 long, skinny gullies that all feed into a deep drainage.

This makes for a lot of terrain to explore and beat the crowds that usually plague the 3 gullies.

As you’re skinning the Gulf Of Slides trail, look for the famous downhill skin section of the trail, the drainage that forms this deep dip in the trail is the bottom of The Fingers.

The easiest way to access The Fingers is to skin this gully directly to the base of the fingers and boot up from below.

Another common approach is to climb one of the gullies (1-3) and hike over from above.

Which approach is best depends on the situation.

Once you’re in The Fingers, pick your line and have a ball.

Most of these gullies are 1-3 ski widths across, 35-40 degrees at the steepest and lined by bushes.

Be aware that this terrain is incredibly complex in terms of avalanche assessment.

Here, 7-8 different avalanche paths converge into a deep terrain trap.

An avalanche in any of these gullies could flush you into this terrain trap.

And even if you’re not planning to go too high in your planned objective, another party in another gully could trigger a slide onto.

Doing snowpack assessments in the approach gully also puts you in the line of fire as you will be doing your digging in a terrain trap.

On heads up days, it's best to make assessments in the many areas of similar aspect outside of The Fingers, before entertaining this zone, or avoid it entirely.

They'll still be here on the low danger days.