Freeride tour for skiers & split-boarders









FATMAP difficulty grade



Take the gondola Trittkopf I/II.

From here, it will take about 45 minutes with skins to the Trittkopf peak.

Sometimes it is easiest to first put the skis on the pack and hike straight up, following an often broken trail along the ridge to Noerdlicher Trittkopf.

Once reaching the peak, or slightly before, the terrain gets less steep.

Put your skins on and turn lookers right along the ridge towards the main peak of Trittkopf.

Be careful.

Do not go too far left since the ridge often has a huge cornice which can collapse.

The last meters to the cross can be slightly funny depending on conditions, you essentially turn left from the right, crampons can come handy at times.

The peak has a beautiful cross on the top.  There are two obvious runs: One starts right from the cross north facing down into Pazieltal (this Fatmap route).

Conditions can be amazing even two weeks after a storm, the face has only been getting skied more regularly in the recent years.

To get back follow the shallow valley to the resort.

If you go with your snowboard, consider a split otherwise the return can be painful with a board.

The other one is west facing through an obvious couloir: