The classic race track used for the Cactus Cup.


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The McDowell Competitive Track is the classic singletrack trail that has long been used for the Cactus Cup race.

While the trail is open for riding even when the race isn't taking place, the entrance to the trail has a posted sign warning that this track is specifically designed for high-speed riding and racing.

All of these trails are one-directional, and you should expect riders to be coming through at high rates of speed.

No hiking, running, or horseback riding are allowed on these trails. Mapped here is one of the longest route options on the Competitive Track, but as you ride along, you'll notice a number of splits and decision points.

There are tech trails, flow trails, and shorter and longer options, allowing you to tailor the ride to your desired length or difficulty. However, regardless of what the signs say, even the "technical" trails are not very technical in the grand scheme of mountain biking.

Even McDowell Mountain Park offers much more technical trails over on the [Windgate Pass -> Bell Pass Loop]( Overall, the singletrack here is smooth and flowing, with short, punchy climbs and descents.

There aren't any extended climbs or long downhills to be found on the course.

Instead, it's up and down, up and down, the entire time. Indeed, this trail appears to be the perfect venue for a lap-style race, and after riding it, I can see why the Cactus Cup remains so popular even to this day.

Even outside of race day, this popular bike-specific trail draws tons of riders looking to crank out the miles on the entertaining swoop and flow of the Competitive Track.