Fun run with preserved snow long after a storm.









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From the Albona II get off to the left side.

The first peak you face there is Knoedelkopf, which gets a fair amount of tracks.

Ski down facing it and hike up to a shoulder, following the summer hiking trail.

Best to put on skins here and skin up first with small height gain towards the flank of the next peak - Peischelkopf.

Once closer, turn left gaining height to the peak.

It takes 30 mins from the lift approximately.

Once reaching the peak, you face an often entirely untracked run down to St.

Christoph skiing north, north-west what feels like skiing in three steps.

The snow is often preserved here long after a storm but slides are frequent (I have been swept here).

Amazing run, not difficult, with features and plenty of options.

You end up on the parking for the Hospiz Hotel.

If you want to mix it up, rather than dropping north, north west you can also stay short of reaching the peak of Peischelkopf and ski passing Wirt (short second ascent).

This gives you access to a beautiful run facing west.

You can find this route at At some stage drop left, the standard run takes you just below St.

Christoph, at the end of a road gallery.

There is a trail next to it, walk up into the village from here to re-enter into the resort.

You can also ski down all the way to Wagner Huette which has a bus stop.

The bus intervals are long though, taxi might be a better option back to St.

Anton in this case.

Fun run.