A steep and exciting couloir.









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From the Hoadlhaus restaurant (2340 metres), ski south down the Olympia Abfahrt Damen piste for 1 minute to reach the HoadlSattel col (2264 metres), where the piste bends sharply to the left.

At the Hoadlsattel, take your skis off, put them on your rucksack (there's a short and easy rocky scramble on the bootpack so carrying skis on your shoulder isn't advised - you'll need your hands free) and start hiking southwards along the snowy ridge that is straight ahead.

Hike for 10 minutes on the low angled ridge crest and then, when you reach a steeper, rockier section, drift right and climb up through a 10 metre rock band via a short little gully.

This is easy enough but can feel a bit exposed in icy conditions and you'll be glad of having strapped your skis to your rucksack so that you have your hands free.

If the rock step looks too icy and difficult, it's also possible to traverse around it to the right (west) and then climb back up onto the ridge crest on the far side of it.

Whether you go through or around the rock band, both options lead to a 10 metre wide col.

Rinne 2 drops in from here.

For this line, carry on hiking south up a 20 metre slope to reach a large, flat plateau with stunning views of the Kalkogel peaks.

Hike to the centre of the plateau then go due west to reach the top of a nice, open face.

The face is about 100 metres wide and can be skied just about anywhere but is usually best if you drop in on the left and continually drift down and right all the way down.

The slope is the perfect steepness for avalanches so be prepared to bail if it looks dangerous (it's only a 5 minute walk back to the Rinne 2 line).

Having skied this face, stay as high and and right as possible and traverse across to the foot of this line.

Skin up it for as long as you can, and then bootpack when it gets too steep.

The line is 250 metres long so climbing it should take 45 minutes-ish.

It is pretty steep (45 degrees) at the top and ends at a hanging col, which feels pretty "out there".

Once at the col, ski back down and then traverse across to the Dohlennest bar,