Banked singletrack bobsled runs that swoop down along rolling ridgelines!


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The Chutes may be the most famous trails at Golder Ranch, in part because they're lower down the mountain and much easier to access, and in part because they're non-technical and easy to ride.

While easy, the Chutes are still hella fun! These trails are essentially banked singletrack bobsled runs that swoop down along rolling ridgelines until and through washes, before launching up the side of the next small valley.

The descents are over all too soon (aren't they always?), but you can quickly pedal back up to the top and run a few more laps. While the trails are smooth, flowing, and non-technical, some of the steep, fast drops and roll-ins can be intimidating to beginner riders.

There are a few whoops and washes that could definitely be too much for a true beginner, but after a new rider has gotten their feet wet on a few other trails, the high-speed flow of the Chutes is the perfect drug to get them hooked on mountain biking for life! While there are a few different trails in the Chutes section, the most commonly-ridden descent is the trail furthest to the east, and the most commonly-ridden climbing route is the trail furthest to the west.

This is how the recommended route here has been drawn, but feel free to play around with the trails in between if you decide to run laps.

While you might be able to park closer to the Chutes than this route depicts, it's recommended to park at the main trailhead and pedal over to the Chutes via the 50-Year Trail.