Backcountry tree skiing


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This is a great introductory tour to help you get a lay of the land of the backcountry skiing on the south side of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

This route leaves the resort and takes you into backcountry terrain where backcountry gear including avalanche training and rescue equipment are essential.

If these are things you do not have - hire a local guide; they're awesome! Ride the Stoke chair to the summit and traverse east above Hot Sauce.

Throw your skins on at the windsock and traverse out under the south face of Mount Mackenzie.

Be aware of the overhead, the face inbounds has avalanche control but the terrain once you leave the resort is not controlled by ski patrol.

Exit the resort, cross South Bowl and gain the ridgeline just under the shoulder of Mount Mackenzie.

If this is as far as you feel like going you can ski down from the first obvious spur back into the resort. Alternatively, continue to traverse along the flat ridgeline between Mount Mackenzie and Goat Peak.

The north side of the ridge (Highway Bowl) is often corniced, be wary of sticking your nose out without scoping a safe spot to do so.

People fall through cornices here every year and it's not always pretty.

I'm unsure of the exact names on the southside of the ridge but I call everything (from the first drop in mentioned above to just before Goat Peak) 'Montana Trees'.

My favourite route down is drawn in this route.

I think it has the best fall line and steep tree skiing.

It is usually well protected from the wind after the first few turns.

It's great for storm skiing but it is advised to check out the area when you have bit of visibility as it can get pretty whiteout on the ridge .

Another alternative is to drop in earlier on the ridge and cut laps using the old catskiing road.

Ski to the bottom of the gully, throw your skins back on and take the Catcher's Mitt road back to the ski resort.