A run with a bit of everything, from open faces to tight trees.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the Hoadlhaus restaurant (2340 metres) ski under the very top section of the Olympiabahn train and onto the Nordwand face.

Ski down just to the left of the train tracks to reach the top of a rocky ridge and then make a descending traverse below and left of this, aiming for a small vague col underneath the train tracks.

The traverse can often be rocky so go slowly! Once over the col ski down a lovely little gully to the right of the tracks for 50 metres until it opens up into a wide, mellow powder field.

Bounce down this to reach a forest and then pick a line through the trees.

After 150 vertical metres of forest you will hit the Hoadl 1 piste.

If there is enough snow, carry on over this for another bout of tree skiing but if the snow cover is thin, follow the piste down to the foot of the Olympiabahn.

There is a huge amount of terrain to be explored in the trees (which can also be accessed from the top of the Hoadl 1 chairlift if you don't mind missing the top half of the run) so consider our line to be a guideline and then go and explore for yourself!