A classic Lake Clark day hike to a breathtaking waterfall crashing 30' over hardened lava rock.


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Tanalian Falls plummets nearly 30 feet onto hardened lava rock.

The hike to reach the falls on one of Lake Clark National Park's few maintained trails is naturally one of the park's classic day hikes.

Fed by glaciers, its roar can be deafening, though the mist offers an excellent break from the summer heat.

Fishing in the vicinity can also yield anything from lake trout to sockeye, making it a popular spot for anglers between May and October.

This hike begins from the main visitor center at Port Alsworth, which is almost exclusively accessed by [air taxi](https://www.nps.gov/lacl/planyourvisit/directions.htm).

The park considers the trail moderate, though others may find it more challenging due to the amount of climbing involved.

For an easier and more gradual path to the falls, the Beaver Pond Trail is a popular alternative.

It can also be used to form a loop originating from the trailhead. For an added adventure, Kontrashibuna Lake is just a short walk upstream from the falls.

The trail does enter a designated wilderness area, but the path is maintained to the outlet of the lake.

Beyond the trail's end, there is a listed "brushed route," but no maintained path. As a whole, Lake Clark NP is considered dog friendly, though they "strongly encourage you to leave your pets at home, for your safety, their safety, and the health of the ecosystem." A detailed pet policy [can be found here](https://www.nps.gov/lacl/planyourvisit/pets.htm). More information about day hiking at Port Alsworth [can be found here](https://www.nps.gov/lacl/planyourvisit/day-hikes.htm).