Enjoy a long day hike through remote backcountry, then unwind next to a wood stove in a rustic cabin on Lake Clark.


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The Portage Creek Trail is a bucket list hike that you do not want to miss.

Accessible only by boat or seaplane, this 6+ mile hike begins at a rustic cabin nestled along the northern shore of Lake Clark before trekking deep into the Alaskan wilderness.

After a long day meandering through vibrant stands of birch and spruce, the trail terminates on a large alpine tundra with stunning panoramic views.

Rounding out your day, you then have the option to spend your evening relaxing in the quaint log cabin complete with a wood stove, furnishings, and outhouse. This hike begins at the Joe Thompson Public Use Area and is relatively flat as you make your way to Portage Creek—about a mile up.

Should you encounter any social trails near the beach or along the trail, fight your curiosity to explore them, as most of them will lead onto private property. There are no buoys or docks available on the beach, but there is plenty of space along the shore to land and park watercraft.

Water taxis may also be available from the main visitor center across the lake.

Neither public restrooms nor potable water are available at the trailhead, but lake water is safe to drink *after* proper filtration or treatment.

Reservations for the cabin [can be made here](https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/10006208). Other than the Port Alsworth trails, such as [Tanalian Falls](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2740349/tanalian-falls) or [Tanalian Mountain](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2740372/tanalian-mountain), the Portage Creek is the only other maintained trail in Lake Clark NP.

Off-trail travel is allowed through most of the park, though, so there are plenty of opportunities to hike or camp in the backcountry if you're looking for something different. [NPS](https://www.nps.gov/lacl/planyourvisit/day-hikes.htm)