Classic for the local ski guides, starting out exposed with a cliff below and continuing with a scenic long run and some flat sections.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This one is a classic for the local mountain guides.

With a guide, they take you up with skis/board with Valluga II.

If you are without a guide, you have to earn it.

Time for heroes, put your gf into the gondola and hike carrying your and her skis/board.

First climbing up west, then along the ridge.

The ascent takes 30-40 minutes depending on how deep the snow is (the classic West face has a FatMap entry already, just drop over once you reach the ridge - and only if you haven't put your gf into the gondola to the peak :)).

From the ridge there is a variety of options if the snow is good.

A beautiful one starts almost at the peak under the bridge, steep, but nothing crazy - needs good snow.

The classic north face starts actually right behind the peak.

Find the route at: You have to keep skiers left to reach a prominent ridge which spits you out eventually into Pazieltal (boarders disadvantaged, the traverse out is a little tedious).

The first patch of the Valluga North is exposed with a cliff below.

The rumour has it that they closed the second part for non-guide accompanied skiers due to accidents.

Prior to the opening of the Flexen Gondola this (and Valluga West) used to be the way to get over to Lech/Zuers. Now, with Warth/Schroecken connected, you can actually ski the entire north face of the Valluga as well down towards Kaisers and the Steeg and back to Warth.

But - the exit is long.

Only recommended if you don't mind long flat sections and get a kick out of purely nice scenery.