A fairly low angle backcountry bowl out of Lake Louise Area


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Although IT CAN be low angle bowl, this is only if you stick to the center of the bowl.

Also, I wouldn't consider this one unless the avalanche hazard was relatively low...

When we did it, it was low hazard because of heavy faceting and cold weather.

The -30 weather made the snow so slow that we were actually double poling down the certain sections.

I suspect this isn't the case on a better snow day...

But it might have altered my impression of how low angle this descent actually is.

Uptrack is basically the same as Wolverine Ridge, but you gain the ridge higher along a cliff band to your (lookers) right.

You'll likely want to give a good measure of distance from this cliff as you make your uptrack...

As it would at be a consequential terrain trap.

Speaking of terrain traps, if you descend the steepest section of the slope, which is probably the better (steeper) ski line, there is is a subtle convexity/gulley a at the bottom that could act as a terrain trap.

So if you did pop an avalanche on this steeper slope, this would increase the consequences (buried deeper).

This is why we traversed/veered more skiers left on the descent...