A quick hike up to the top of Green Mountain followed by a mellow ski back to the trail head.


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On a decent snow day in the Denver area, you don't have to go very far to get some turns in.

Green Mountain is about 20 - 25 minutes from downtown and offers some great slopes.

You can start the hike from the Rooney Road Trailhead.

Follow the the paved path over the highway until you get to a major four way intersection.

Then stay to the left and follow the fire road as it winds its way to the top of the mountain.

Once you get to the top, take a left onto the Summit Loop Trail.

Any of the slopes on your left as you are walking along the trail are good for skiing.

You can continue on straight past the hard right turn of the trail for even more terrain to potentially ski on.

Once you pick your line, take it back down to the fire road.

Then take the fire road down a little ways until the hill on your left gives way to another slope.

From there pick your line again and take it all the way back to the four way intersection.

Once you bottom out it is over the bridge and back to your car.

CAUTION: There needs to be a decent amount of snow on the ground (at least 1 1/2 to 2 feet) in order for it to be skiable.

Green Mountain is pretty rocky.