A steep line with ice bulges in King Ravine.


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Iced Out Gully is an obvious line from the boulder field.

It's a bit of a step up from Great Gully, with a steeper pitch and ice bulges to negotiate.

Due to being hard to find from above and involving route finding on the descent, the best approach is to climb from the bottom.

Be aware that you are exposed other avalanche paths, such as The Muffin and Great Gully on the initial approach to the base of the gully.

The line starts with a few narrow turns above the first ice bulge.

How you negotiate this depends on snowpack.

Usually you can get around to skiers right.

Here, the line opens up and you have more room to turn.

Enjoy steep turns down the fall line and exit into the the bushy runout below.

Climb another run or enjoy the long (and schwacky) descent back to the trailhead.

Be aware that this line is not only very difficult, but is a few miles and a few hundred boulders away from the car.

An accident here leading to so much as a hurt knee could make for a very difficult evacuation.

Have fun, but when in doubt play it safe.