Easy access from Pemberton or Lillooet with a variety of skiing make this a classic, forested ski tour.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Access from Pemberton or Lillooet via the Duffey Lake Highway.

Largest parking lot is at the Cayoosh / Joffre weather station parking lot.

An easy ski tour along the old forest service road for a little ways followed by a beautiful old growth forested climb to a forested meadow before another forested climb along the flank of the most obvious drainage.

Once you arrive at the upper Lake you will see awesome lines, faces, and cliff features.

You can climb to the west and continue up to these features or stay in the forest.

Once you reach the high point featured in this route you will be atop awesome pillowed terrain with a beautiful view and a great spot for lunch. Note: There are multiple routes up through the forest but showcased is the most direct and manageable. Once you drop in you can work your way through the variety of the terrain.

The more spicy, and exposed pillow field awaits or to the skiers right a tamer and less exposed tree run & boulder field.

We recommend using your FATMAP app to stay away from large cliff features or deeper drainages.

Ultimately, if you trend skiers right you work your way through various boulder fields and old growth to a manageable drainage/creek or more tree skiing, ultimately culminating a bunch of fun boulder and pillow fields. Once you have exited the boulder fields you can either trend back to the skin track and the FSR, or follow the creek that leads you back to a cut block and the lower part of the FSR. A great zone for storm days, as well as stable sunny days but be aware of tree wells, drainages, cliffs and any over hanging exposure on the higher elevation faces. Footage featured in 2021 BLANK Collective film, Tales From Cascade