Follow a cacti-lined, coastal traverse from Aruf to Tananga and back.









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This stunning route in the north has you driving along serpentine roads amidst lush tropical forest and into the clouds to reach the trailhead.

Find your way to the hillside village of Aruf, where you can park and start the watch.

Begin early before the crowds or head out on a weekday.

From the start, enjoy glorious rocky single trail dropping down through a canyon, directly to the wild beach.

Make a stop at the Playa de Tamadite where the black sand contrasts with sublime blue hues of the ocean and sky.

Turn back from the beach and take the sharp left – here’s your first climb to the star of the loop: a lush balcony trail that flows for kilometres above the waves as they crash into the cliffs below.

Each bend reveals new, incredible views of coastline.

The final panorama, before the trail steers right, is of the quaint village – Tananga.

White homes with terracotta roofs adorn the sides of the mountain between vegetable gardens and vineyards.

There’s a Sunday vibe in this village any day of the week.

Drop down into the centre to meet some of the local wine makers or continue the loop, taking the few kilometres of paved section before a warm climb as you leave civilisation behind and ascend to the pass.

Top out at the highest point of the run (736m) and begin the descent back into Aruf.

Stunning single trail along sticky red soil paths send you straight back into town.

Hungry now? There’s delicious tapas waiting at the Casa Santiago, ten minutes drive from the finish – where the views are as good as the local dishes.