A nice ski tour with potential for a mini traverse


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Blåtindane contains of three summits - all of them are steep walls to the west, but to the east the terrain is more moderate and perfect for skiing.

The three summits can easily be combined into a mini traverse in a single day. Park your car at the farm Venås in Måndalen.

Follow the road to Venåssetra.

With a stone fence you have the possibility to head right (the direct route) and follow a path through the woods.

At a cross, hold left and bush whack your way through the densest forest, before it opens up.

Head straight up the forest until you pass the tree line. The normal route follows the road to Venåssetra for 800 metres until it turns right on a tractor road.

Follow the tractor road until it crosses a river, turn right and head straight north until you reach the marshes north of Gjerdeknausen.

Then turn to N-E and gain height until you pass the tree line and rejoin the direct route under the foot of the mountain.

Well above the tree line, follow the southeast ridge of Blåtindane.

Near the summit you will close in on the steep west face of the mountain, watch out for cornices.

Before you reach the south summit, which is the highest of the three, you have to go a couple of metres down to a little col.

When reaching the south summit at 1091 m.a.s.l.

you can see the two other summits to the north.

You can either continue the traverse, or start the descent.

For the descent; ski down the east bowl before you rejoin the ascent route.