A partially-accessible hike in Bartlett Cove with two spectacular overlooks of a small pond.


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The Forest Trail is one of the best short hikes to explore Bartlett Cove once you arrive at Glacier Bay NP by boat or seaplane.

According to the park, "this leisurely stroll meanders through a lush forest which grows atop a glacial moraine," and a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk offers two spectacular overlooks of a small, serene pond along the way.

In total, the loop shouldn't take more than 90-minutes, and it returns along the beach trail to form a loop. The best way to enjoy the Forest Trail is to begin at the visitor center and hike to the lake, beginning the loop in a clockwise direction.

The trail continues past the ponds and official ends at the beach, not far from the Bartlett Cove Campground.

If you're looking for a longer day trip, keep left on the shore and follow the trail all the way to [Point Gustavus](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2747811/point-gustavus/@58.4339071,-135.9366451,17060.9437511,-89.9999999,-4.4735443,-1.6560135,normal) for an all-day outing where you can "watch for sea otters and listen for the blow of humpback whales," the park continues. The hike originates from the Visitor Information Center, found in the adjacent parking lot to the public boat dock.

Restrooms and water are available nearby should you need them.

According to the park, ranger-led walks on the Forest Trail also depart daily at 1:30pm from the Lodge desk. [NPS](https://www.nps.gov/glba/planyourvisit/bartlett-cove-trails.htm)