One of Glacier Bay's lesser-known day hikes to an impressive overlook of the bay.


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Point Gustavus may be a staple destination for locals, but for first-time visitors, "there is a good chance you would not find this hike," according to a [former park ranger](

If arriving by boat, Point Gustavus is the entrance point for the park and "sits just north of one of the most famous humpback whale-watching areas in the world," the author continues.

It's an all-day outing to reach the Point Gustavus, but the out-and-back hike gives plenty of flexibility to head back whenever you'd like. This route is sometimes considered one of the *secret hikes* in Glacier Bay, but the trail sees enough use that it is easy to follow.

It's best to arrive at the point during low tide, meaning you should begin your hike as the tide begins to go out.

Rangers at the visitor center can often provide input on the trail's conditions, and it's said that they are happy to write down your information and itinerary if you plan to hike alone.

If you just arrived at the park and don't have the time to hike to Point Gustavus, consider the [Forest Trail Loop]( instead.

It originates at either the boat dock or visitor center, and returns along the beach.

It is also fully-accessible between the visitor center and an overlook of a small, serene pond.

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