A steep, narrow and other-worldly line in amongst the towering walls of the Kalkogel peaks.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



Ride the Zirmachbahn chairlift and from the top (2240 metres), make a 500 metre descending traverse, holding as much height as possible, to reach the large bowl to the north of the Hoher Burgstall peak.

Keep traversing all the way around the main Schlick bowl, crossing a couple of quite deep gullies en route, to reach the triangular face at the foot of this line.

Put your skins on and start skinning up towards the line, always staying looker's right of the couloir itself.

As you get closer and closer to the couloir the slope available to skin up gets narrower and narrower, until it is only 4 - 5 metres wide and you are kick-turning every few steps.

Eventually you will run out of slope and will have to traverse looker's left into the couloir.

From here skin/bootpack up the couloir until it gets too narrow to ski back down.

Allow 2 - 3 hours from the Zirmachbahn chairlift to where you start skiing from.

The couloir, as you'll know from climbing it, varies between 25 and 40 degrees and from 20 - 5 metres wide.

Either side of it are enormous vertical rock walls so the whole experience of skiing the line is incredible.

Once out of it, ski down the slope you skinned up and carry on down some brilliant tree skiing to join the Abfahrt Talschluss piste.