A hidden pearl in the massif of Grøtdalstindane


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



A fantastic and unknown descent.

Most likely you will get the first track down it! Park your car at Ner-Frøland.

Follow the road into Frølandsdalen.

After approximately 2 kilometers, right before Heimsætra, there is a sign for "Grøtdalstinden".

Follow the direction of the sign up into the woods. Above the tree line a huge bowl soon opens up.

Follow a little ridge in the middle of the valley until you are at approximately 700 m.a.s.l.

Then turn left and head to the east ridge of Hellefjellet, which you will join at approximately 1000 m.a.s.l through a little col.

Follow the east ridge of Hellefjellet (1239 m.a.s.l.) until it really steepens under the summit and you cannot go any further on skis.

Do the transition on a little flat section before it really steepens. You will find the entrance of the couloir by dropping in directly to the south. In the start of the couloir there are some outcropping rocks, but it will soon open up and get wider.

At the bottom there is some tree skiing before you reach the road in Frølandsdalen.

Follow the road back to the car at Ner-Frøland. This couloir is avalanche prone and the lower section is a huge outrun zone for avalanches, so make sure the conditions are safe.

Due to its south facing exposure, this is not a couloir you want to ski too late in the day! An alternative descent, which is a little bit easier, is down the north side of the east ridge of Hellefjellet.

Here you might find dry powder when the snow in the south facing areas is affected by the sun.