A long gully that's hard to find from above.


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This line is a long, spectacular gully that doesn't get much attention, particularly because it's only visible from below Mount Clay.

The line begins just before the final uphill to the summit of Mount Clay, in a short saddle.

Begin by dropping into a low angle snowfield from the saddle, ski over a blind roll into the beginning of the gully.

Here the gully becomes 2 walled and the majority of the line comes into view.

Ski the long gully until you are presented with 2 options.

The skiers left option is tighter but stays in the gully.

The skiers right option is more roomy, but involves negotiating a snow ramp above a large cliff.

Both options end on a final ramp that terminates in a bushy runout.

Cut left through the woods or negotiate a boulder field to the right, then skin back to Airplane Gully for a bootpack exit.

Due to the fact that this line is exposed a huge cliff, is impossible to see from most locations and ends in a remote location, it should be taken very seriously.

Wait for near perfect conditions and if in doubt, consider a different objective.