An incredible journey through canyons above the beach.









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Beyond the sandy beaches and everlasting sunshine in the southern portion of Tenerife lies steep mountainous terrain.

The near constant cloud cover over these peaks gives an air of mystery to the range that lies beyond the beach.

I would absolutely recommend tearing away from the tourist hub and swapping a surf lesson or sunbake session for an adventure into these epic trails! From the pastel buildings in the village of Adeje, climb high out of the town and onto the rocky, cacti-lined trails that will take you to over 1000 metres of altitude, where the atmosphere is wild west-esque.

The mid-section of the course travels through scented pine forest.

Feel the altitude in the cool air and cherish the surprise views around each bend.

Just a few hundred metres from the bonus peak – Monte Carrasco – you’ll come across a little piece of history: peculiar circles of neatly placed stones bordered by a low stone barrier.

These are threshing circles, once used to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Whether you take clockwise or anti–, the loop will supply stunning ocean views.

The more runnable trail is to the west, so if you want a fast, still technical descent, anticlockwise is more suitable.

For the grand finale at the finish, take the clockwise version which is more ‘runnable’ on your way up but definitely not on your way down.

This last segment is quite exposed, so bring courage and trust that even when the trail seems likely to disappear, it doesn’t, and will take you back to the starting point while gifting insanely beautiful scenery.