A lovely stroll through peaceful forests and along a famous stretch of beach.


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Starting and finishing at an ice cream van, and with minimal difficult terrain to navigate, this is a wonderful little hike which is suitable for the whole family.

With the exception of the part near and on the beach, the whole route is buggy-friendly.

It's perfectly possible to get onto the beach with a buggy but you'll have to be up for some hard work getting it there! Alternatively, skip out the beach and follow one of the many trails back to the carpark. The trip begins from the first parking area in the Formby Point National Trust area - you'll need to pay to enter the area (or be a National Trust member).

Begin by descending to an open area which houses half a dozen picnic tables.

From here, pass the first asparagus fields on the right and then head into the forest on a good walkway.

Keep following the pink signs which denote the Asparagus Trail as it winds in and out of the trees and begins heading west towards Formby beach. Upon reaching the sand dunes which line the coast, put in a bit of effort and climb over them to reach Formby beach.

Depending on the tide the sea may be 100 metres away, but at times it can be so far away as to be barely visible! The beach is well known as one of the most scenic parts of the north-west coast and Formby is home to some of the region's best known celebrities, so there's always a chance you'll see a familiar face when strolling along the sand! Head north up the beach to a well-trodden rise over the sand dunes which leads east to the beach carpark.

Walk through this and up the road which leads back to the carpark where you started.