The most reliable line in Ammonoosuc Ravine









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Ammonoosuc Ravine is a challenging ravine to nail conditions.

While it's open slopes offer turns unlike anywhere else, scouring from NW winds tend to keep conditions thin.

The most reliable option for skiing in Ammo tends to be South Gully.

It lacks the ice bulges and water holes that plague other lines and is more sheltered.

This line can be accessed via a long traverse from Lake Of The Clouds, but since it can't be seen easily from below, if you don’t know the conditions or the area well, it's better to approach from below.

In which case Park at the cog ($10) and take Ammonoosuc Link to Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.

Pass a small waterfall called Gem Pool and break left off the trail, make your way through the bushes following the river and some herd trails, eventually reaching a split in the brook, take the wider split to the right and ascend uphill, skirting a few sketchy waterfall holes.

Soon another split is reached.

The right split is South Gully.

Climb the line from here, which will likely require crampons.

The line begins with open, low angle snowfields, which progressively get steeper.

These excellent turns soon funnel into gully with a convex roll at the top.

Drop steeply down this wide chute, which progressively gets lower angle and meanders to the right.

Here, the chute narrows once again, before rejoining the drainage.

Be aware that this line is a huge funnel, therefore a massive terrain trap.

Save this one for days of unquestionable stability, such as in a spring snowpack.