A narrow, cruxy gully.


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The North Branch of Ammonoosuc Ravine is generally an ugly, ice bulge ridden and bushwhacky gully, that goes whole seasons without being skied.

The strong NW winds tend to scour it before it gets enough snow to fill in the cruxes.

When it does form, it generally doesn’t stick around for long.

When it's in, there’s a number of approaches.

If you’ve never been before, it may make sense to approach from below.

This involves parking at the cog ($10), skin Ammonoosuc Link to Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.

Break left at gem pool following the bushy riverbed, which eventually splits.

Take the narrow, bushy left split to access North Branch.

If you know the area well, or want to link North Branch with Great Gulf, the easiest way in is from The Cog.

The line starts with some open snowfields, which funnel into a narrow, tree lined gully.

Here, the angle steepens.

An ice bulge often blocks the exit, making for a mandatory small air or 2 necessary for exit.

The angle begins to ease here and the gully constricts, before joining South Branch in the long, bushy runout.

Watch out for water holes on this section.

Like the other Ammo gullies, North Branch is a textbook terrain trap nightmare and should be saved for days of unquestionable stability, such as a spring snowpack.