Climb to a historic mine located thousands of vertical feet above the town of Kennecott.


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To reach the stunning site of the Bonanza Mine you'll have to climb an arduous 4,000 vertical feet in just four miles through a series of steep switchbacks from the historic town of Kennecott to the mine's perch on an alpine ridge, just below Bonanza Peak.

The approach is anything but easy: [some sources]( estimate that the hike will take about 6 hours, but it could very well take longer.

While the trail to the top was once a road, it is now quite eroded and has narrowed considerably.

The grade is relentless all the way up. When you do reach the mines, the rundown buildings might seem inviting to explore...

but the [National Park Service warns]( that you should be cautious.

They warn visitors that "the buildings at the Bonanza Mine have not been stabilized and historic artifacts are scattered on the landscape.

Please explore the site with care and do not enter the buildings.

Mining and explosives experts have combed the historic mine structures in an effort to remove any abandoned explosives.

However, if you find any abandoned explosives DO NOT TOUCH them.

Please report them to a park ranger as soon as possible.

Take standard precautions for hiking in bear country."