A truly classic, gets skied quite a bit, and is still a lot of fun.









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A true classic, gets skied quite a bit, and is still a lot of fun.

You can see the second part of it when entering the Ruefikopf Cable Car just off the enormous number of avalanche barricades lookers right off the cable. Take the Ruefikopf cable car to the top and leave to the right staying skiers left of the cables, slightly orienting yourself to the left entering a beautiful bowl.

In good snow conditions the entire bowl offers lines.

Be careful, there is rock bands to navigate on the top.

The classic way is to first follow the ski route before dropping right.

Now keep left in the bowl.

You spot a smaller number of barricades on the left.

Ski down right of them and turn left below them until another set of barricades below you end.

Now drop right straight into the fall-line.

Ski down until you see denser trees appearing on the right.

At that point traverse over to the right via a short steep step (don't miss this one, below is rock bands which are difficult to navigate).

Ski this down skiers right, it spits you out on top of the patch you saw from the bottom of the gondola.

Ski down, have fun.

Once the bushes get denser, keep right and reach the bunny hill. Fun run.

Avoid after big dumps, it does tend to trigger and there is absolutely no way to hide.