Paradise at the northern tip of Tenerife.









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The north of Tenerife is truly unique.

Mountains, lush forest, deep blue ocean and fantastic trails! As much of an adventure as the loop itself, the winding narrow roads to reach the starting point are epic.

Navigate the steep downhill switchbacks and the array of campervans packed like sardines along the coast before finding a park in Benijo! If you can, make it easier for yourself by taking public transport or saving this loop for a week day.

Beginning by the steep cliffs, climb well-trod single trail into the green forest above the surfer town.

At the pass, continue straight down until you enter the hidden mountain village of Chamorga (you can also begin the route from here).

After coursing above the gorge for a few kilometres, reach Playa Roque Bermejo with the opportunity to cool off in the ocean before ascending to the ridge, following the gorgeous lush trails of the PR TF7.

Views from here are well worth the effort of the climb.

Lush forest contrasts with the deep blue ocean, viewed from high above on sweeping single track.

The beaches catch the brunt of the NW winter swell system and have good protection from the easterlies coming off Africa which means double overheads and fast barrels for the serious surfers.

In other words, take your surfboard if so inclined! The beaches are far less crowded than the south as well.

Tips: Bring plenty of water – the trail is often exposed to the sun and there’s not refill water points on course.

Bring your surfboard! Some of the best surfing on Tenerife can be had here!