A stunning 16km loop guaranteed to get you on that runner’s high!









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The beginning of this loop is a hard slog and totally worthwhile for the sublime DH! With the sea below and to your back, climb high through pine and laurel forests.

Loose, volcanic rock crunches beneath your feet, getting the blood pumping and endorphins flowing.

Strong wind, rushing clouds and a crisp, high altitude breeze all add to the adventure.

The path eventually narrows with some exposure, especially to the wind, but weaves in and out of rock tunnels to give you the sense of security from falling off the edge. Once you reach the pass, take momentary shelter from the wind and enter the higher forests with their distinct flora - reminding you that you’ve climbed high enough to enter the next level of landscape.

Flow through the technical single trail above the road (unless you’re stretched for time or want to stretch the legs on the bitumen).

From the height of the pass you can see both sides of the Island’s coastline - from mountain to sea.

After five kilometres of floating around the 2000m mark, take the dirt road on the left and begin the descent.

If the excitement of the exposed climb or the beautiful panorama from the pass hasn’t won your heart, the descent surely will! Part of the GR131 – a trail that extends from one island of the Canaries to the next – enjoy the next 10km of downhill at a flying pace or take your time and soak it up.

The path is relatively smooth for the entirety and is well maintained, as opposed to some of the more unattended trails on the island.

Finish with the final kilometres in the forest, becoming increasingly lush as you drop lower, back to the carpark.