Great ski route with challenging variants.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Leave the Ruefikopf Cable Car to the right.

There is two ways to enter, either right from the top or by first following the black wall description ( and continuing to ski straight when the black wall needs you to turn right.

For the first - and more challenging one - follow the ski route passing the bowl on your right and keep fairly straight.

Right in front of you you see a ridge.

Most of it is sheer cliffs and unskiable (do not get too far left!).

But there is two obvious couloirs leading you down to Fuchsloch.

The skier's right one is a little wider, pick this one.

Once in, route finding is obvious.

If unsure, ski the other variant first, look at it from the bottom and memorize your line. One out of the couloir itself the descent merges with the variant avoiding the top section.

Now basically ski all the way straight down to the road.

The terrain is pleasant, with bushes and trees but also plenty of natural features.

The second variant does get tracks, but there is a fair amount of space, so powder panic leaves you stashes of pow even days after the last dump.

On the road, simply hop on to the ski bus.

It stops right in front of the gallery.

You might meet freeriders coming from the OMeshorn descent on the opposite side of the valley.

For that, take the bus a few stops to Zuers.