The money shot over Tenerife's famous Roque Cinchado.









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An icon of Tenerife, the Roque Cinchado is a volcanic rock formation that sits 1700 metres below Mt.


The 27 metre high pillar, composed of volcaniclastic sedimentary rock layers, is so distinct that it made it onto a Spanish bank note in the peseta days – you'll run straight past it on this short and sweet loop.

Although tourist-packed during peak hours, the trail and its extraordinary surrounds is definitely worthy of any trail running itinerary on the island.

I will let you in on a little secret though – to really embrace the vast beauty and accompanying serenity of this loop, save this one for sunset and run home beneath the stars.

Begin in a clockwise round, dropping down to the base of the mighty Cathedral, where you can find climbers above! At the height of the trail, take the right to complete the round or turn left to follow the signs to Pico Viejo.

Sporadic bunches of colourful flowers and the hardened lava rock overflow (La Cascada) brings on a feeling that you’re in a zen garden.

The absolute stillness here and silence of everything but your own footsteps is something unique that only remote natural places like this can achieve.

As the sun begins to disappear, microbats fly through the crisp air catching insects and the stars begin to arrive at the show.

Pass by the Roque Cinchado, El Torrotito, El Burro and Roques Blancos that serve as a stunning contrast to the setting sun before landing back at the carpark.

: Timing this loop for sunset is a winner.

Bring a head torch, and turn on only if really needed – the sky and stars shine so bright that you likely won’t. Feeling badass? Take a left at the fork and follow the signs to Pico Viejo – the second highest peak on the island and a cool extra 1000m of vert as well as 11 additional kilometres (and scarce of tourists).

Bring your climbing gear if so inclined – the area has some awesome crags, including the incredible La Catedral!